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When my sister Sara passed away in September of 2019, my life changed drastically!

Prior to her death, Sara received Reiki during her hospice care in Cleveland, OH.
It was during that time I had just completed my Usui Tibetan Reiki I & II Practitioner Certification.
I never imagined the impact both events would have on my life.

Soon after completing my Usui Tibetan Master Certification in October 2019, I embarked on my own Spiritual rediscovery.
I began to experience enormous clarity in my own life.
Reiki was transforming me and set me into a mode of reevaluations of my values and belief.
Reiki to be a saving grace for me.

While providing self-healing treatments, I felt the path I had chosen for myself all my life was not the one I was meant to be on.
There was calling I had missed along the way and I needed to answer it and get back to the correct path. I began to recall the exact moment of knowing that all my life I was always drawn to being of service to others in a healing and spiritual manner but frightened of how others would react.

I always felt sensitive to energies and frequencies. I didn't realize how deep rooted my spirituality laid dormant. I never experienced such calm and peace of knowing but I knew there were aspects of myself I needed to heal. Working in a manner all of my life created a horrible egoic existence. I needed to allow those egoic parts of me die, and allow myself to go inward and experience one of the most painfully liberating experiences occur; this is called a "Dark Night."
And as a Phoenix, I rose different with knowing the power of my own Divinity. 

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