A Little About Me

After my sister Sara passed away in September of 2019, my life changed drastically! 

Prior to her death, Sara received Reiki during her hospice care in Cleveland, OH. 
It was around that same time that I had just completed my
Usui Tibetan Reiki I & II 
Practitioner Certification.
I didn't realize the impact both events would make on my life
and the life of others. 
Shortly after I completed my
Usui Tibetan Master Certification in October 2019, 

I embarked on my own Spiritual journey. 

I began to see and experience so much clarity in my own life and it
was a very painful experience but I found Reiki to be a saving grace for me. 
While provided self-healing treatments to myself,
I felt that the path I had chosen for my life was not the one I was meant to choose.  
In my life I was always drawn to helping others. 

I never knew a gift to heal would lay dormant within me. 

In 2020, I departed from over two decades of being employed in various corporate leadership roles.
I felt d
ivinely guided to re-align myself to be of service to others through alternative energetic care. 

During my entire grieving process, I gave myself and was given countless treatments 
to heal the loss of my sister and the loss of my old self. It was a painful
and difficult experience. The realization of how death can change a 
person, a family, an employer, etc. was devastating. I honestly feel
that it was Reiki that saved my life. 

I became an Ordained Minister and Dr. of Divinity with the Universal Life Church 
because I understand the importance of Spiritual diversity and acceptance.

I treat 
clients and teach students of various cultural and spiritual beliefs.
I am intrigued by religious 
studies and practices and believe that it is always important to be open and receptive. 

I'm a member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners 
and a Register Holy Fire® III Karuna Master with the International Center for Reiki Training. 

I absolutely love teaching Reiki and being a practitioner.
I'm passionate about 
sharing the importance of energy work,
along with hosting workshops to demonstrate 
various other alternative
healing such as Crystal Sound Bowl Healing, Hypnosis and Meditation. 

In my free time, I volunteer sharing my time with those in hospice care. 
I also continue coaching and mentoring my students as they call upon me for assistance
and continue my own education and practice for expansion.