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Reiki and the Beyond

New Earth Almanac featured Winter's Spiritual Journey





Winston Churchill comforted the citizens of the British Isles during the darkest period of World War II with his famous quote, “Now is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is perhaps the end of the beginning.” Those words reflect my belief that my beloved life partner, Miss Paulette, was now beginning her new existence in the realm of infinity—Ceugant as known to Druids, heaven as known to Christians. A realm of singularity from which all things originate and all things return. Our true home. 

But her passing was a battle of Herculean proportion. A complete disruption of our retirement plans to tour the West, as she had never seen the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone or the Bad Lands. We’d purchased a shiny convertible to do so, laughing about being the coolest old folks in Yellowstone—and then she got the diagnosis.

Cancer. The cruelest word in the English language! But, I was her warrior and committed to her care. Three plus years of surgeries, IV immunotherapy, CT scans, PET scans, hospitalizations and intensive care on ventilators. Lastly, chemotherapy, but by then she was physically exhausted and the toxic chemicals were too much for her kidneys. She was sent home to be tended my me and hospice.

The house became a hospital. Feeding machines, oxygen tanks, a hospital bed and wheelchair. I set my sleeping arrangements so I could see and hear her at all times, as she was completely helpless. I never left her side.

I heard her final word. She called the name AZRAEL. AZRAEL, the angel of death, the most beautiful of all the archangels (unlike depictions of the grim reaper) who is sent to those who are to be brought directly to heaven. And she was gone.

Numb. Numb is the word. I had an intellectual belief that she was now in a better place, but my soul was frantic. I needed spiritual assurance that my beloved was still thriving in whatever realm she now existed.

I meditated, I prayed, and I performed sacred ceremonies and rituals. I busied myself with arrangements: funeral home, headstone, memorial. That was all secular and gave me little spiritual relief.

I then beseeched my spirit guides and guardians to direct me towards healing. They sent me to a Reiki Master 60 miles from my home. Not knowing what Reiki was, I was not certain when I telephoned her how it would apply. She asked me two questions: how did I happen upon her? And what did I wish to accomplish? I explained that my spirit guides had directed me to her. She accepted this without judgment. I felt that my intellect and spirituality were out of balance and disconnected, which she also seemed to understand—so we began.

Anna Rivera, Usui Tibetan Reiki Master and spiritual life coach, began our session. Using gentle energetic touch, crystals and other holistic techniques, she assessed my situation. She would touch my shoulders, one hand being very hot, the other quite cold. I thought she was using ice packs and hand warmers. She was not—that was the reaction of my chakra energy to her touch.

I didn’t understand any of this but felt great, refreshed and centered. So much so that I booked her for six months of weekly sessions after that first session. Co-workers and family members would comment on how much happier and energetic I seemed after each session. And indeed I was. But I still had this nagging desire to somehow confirm that my beloved was OK.


One day, Anna asked me if I’d like to see her. Is that possible? Oh yes, Anna assured me, further stating that she felt that I was now spiritually-centered enough and open enough to take a trip. Astral Projection. That is what she said, and she would be my guide if I felt comfortable with her doing so. Having complete trust in Anna, I immediately agreed and she promised to remain with me the entire time.

The session lasted five hours. Although not asleep, it felt like emotional hypnotism, but entirely real. The first hour or so was devoted to getting my chakras balanced, physically relaxed, and my mind completely clear although we’d begun the session with my writing very specific intentions.

There was a void. Complete silence and total darkness. Then, the sensation of great speed coming to an abrupt stop. There was Miss Paulette! Illuminated by light from some unknown source, kneeling in a flower garden, tending to her plants with a trowel and gardening gloves.  Her favorite hobby. There was no communication or interaction, just a pleasant scene. And just as suddenly, the sensation of great speed, back into a sea of empty.

Anna and I processed the experience, which had given me great comfort and relief, but there was also an element of disappointment at the impersonal nature of the projection. Anna gave me a crystal to put under my pillow telling me that when I became spiritually available, Miss Paulette might visit me.

Trusting Anna (not so much the crystal), I began sleeping with the crystal under my pillow.  Weeks went by and my efforts to force something to happen proved fruitless. 

Finally, I asked my spirit guides to remove any expectations I had and to assist me in trusting that I could not pierce the veil by sheer will.

Without any expectations or manipulation on my part, she came. Actually, we met during my second Astral Projection. Once I cleared any mental demands and began trusting to spirituality exclusively, a door was open. Reiki had opened a spiritual doorway that was available so long as I was spiritually-centered.

I found myself in a great hall. Granite walls without windows, a ceiling at least 100 feet high and a length that went off into infinity. There was no interior lighting but was illuminated by the walls themselves. I got the impression that it was so bright outside that the light was actually penetrating the granite stones.

In the distance, a figure was approaching. At length I could determine it was a woman, fully gowned to the floor, long sleeves, buttoned collar and gloves. Reminded me of the Southern belles in Gone With the Wind. Finally, details of a face … Miss Paulette! Smiling as she approached, looking me steadily in the eye, and then hugging me while planting a loving kiss on my lips.

I closed my eyes, felt her embrace, the warmth of her person and the love in her kiss. No words had been spoken, there were no sounds, not even her footsteps nor the swishing of her gown.  Just a loving embrace of goodbye that we had not been able to do in this plane of existence.

I had kissed her forehead as the mortician wheeled her from the house and had been traumatized at the coldness of her body. This Astral kiss had been warm and alive and a suitable and loving goodbye.

I am so very grateful for Reiki opening these doors.

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