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Anna's Journey

I was a highly sensitive child, full of energy and very vibrant. Sometimes, I could see beyond the veil of our physical existence, but was often met with an adversarial reaction. Unfortunately, due to painful childhood trauma, the veil became thicker and the things I once could see had faded.

At the age of seventeen, I was severely depressed. I dove into religion and spiritual practices to reconnect to God and to my Higher Power. It always brought me solace and peace and uplifted my spirits. I began to feel less depressed, but was met with bullying personalities in high school.


At the age of seventeen, I experienced a near death after an accidental overdose of alcohol, in part due to the depression I experienced from the bullying.


I recall being completely outside of my body and observing all of the events as they transpired. I returned back to my body shortly after being carried out as my sister touched my left arm.   

After that experience I sensed a shift in my life and became highly empathic and sensitive, but not in a necessarily positive way. It was always difficult for me to differentiate between my emotions and the emotions of others.


It took decades for me to realize that I was highly empathic and psychic. Visions that I would have would manifest themselves with time. Lucid dreams would also guide me and eventually manifest as well.


In 2018, I began to experience painful life lessons. One began with failed marriage, another with a series of poor decisions, and lastly, the realization that my sister was slowly coming to the end of her life here on earth.


Engulfed with so much pain, I began to dig deep into my core. I exercised and meditated every day. I began to reconnect with my Divinity and took all of the grief and pain of these experiences and transmuted them into bliss. I incorporated positive affirmations and began to see myself differently. I began to love myself with all of my perfect imperfections.


Slowly my reality began to shift and I felt wonderful! I began to feel more connected to my inner light than ever before. I began to "see" and "sense" what I needed to in order to navigate. I slowly began to understand my purpose and knew I had to do the work with shedding the reality that I created for myself out of fear and conditioning, and become the person I was meant to Energy Medicine Intuitive. 

In 2019, I began working with the energy of crystals and received attunements for Reiki. This caused me to experience a Kundalini Awakening, clearing out my Chakras instantly. That experience helped me to shed my ego and brought me to Shadow Work. I was drawn to Energy Medicine studies.

These studies along with other alternative health modalities has helped me to overcome many struggles. Herbalism and other natural medicines has also been a significant factor. It allowed me to see beyond the veil of my existence, and shed the aspects of myself that no longer need to exist.

Now, one of my main goals for the remainder of my life is to help others raise their levels of consciousness and awareness of the importance of Energy Medicine, and somehow be a bridge between two worlds; the physical and the spiritual. I feel the impact of combining and balancing Western and Eastern Medicinal practices is the ultimate stage of pure Enlightenment. 

I AM! 



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