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Energy Medicine for Our Furry Friends

Cat and Dog

Our furry companions are more sensitive and empathic than their human partners. Their tiny energetic bodies react as large sponges with the energies around them. If they are exposed for long periods of time to trauma, loud noises, abusive verbiage, their life expectancies are highly impacted and their longevity by our sides is slowly diminished

Furry kids who act as our emotional care pets are very sensitive to our struggles, and are even more at risk of experiencing worse complications due to over exposure to our grief, anger and sadness. It's always important to keep vibrations high and clear for them.


Energy Medicine works WONDERS for our furry kids, our friends. They also have Chakras in the identical locations as humans. Providing them regular treatments is highly suggested, a minimum of monthly, and every three week of emotional care pets.

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