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"Love the personal stories of the instructors journey. Develops rapport and trust. " Theresa C.  


"I wish everyone at Alive Hospice would take this class, not just for the knowledge, but for the depth it brings to the relationships with your team." Heather B. 


"Thank you for volunteering your time to help us grow spiritually. Thank you for giving us tools to help ourselves and our loved ones." Elise S.

"Anna was the best instructor for this class." Jennifer W. 

"I will use this knowledge in my personal and professional life to give people greater peace and comfort. I am grateful. " Mandy D. 

"I was amazed by this class. It opened and inspired everyone's energy. The class felt like a very safe place." Courtney D. 

"The most pleasant class to be in and such an amazing teacher. I am grateful. " Carmen B. Fort Campbell, KY 

"Thank you Anna. You always go above and beyond." Deborah D. Hardin, KY

"Very life changing. I will definitely use the material from now on." Leah G. Crofton, KY

"Anna is so open and non judgemental. She willing ask you before and after what your goals are and how you feel afterwards. Extremely calm and inviting energy with willingness to understand and give feed back if needed. I felt realign and relaxed after my session with her, and plan to return for routine maintenance. I felt completely trusting in her with my energy. I am extremely grateful for her work, knowledge and wisdom." Shanice H. Hohenwald, TN

"I signed up for the class 1 and 2 Reiki and had an overall life changing experience with the wonderful teacher and Reiki master Anna Rivera, looking to participate in many more of the events and classes offered here and will be happy to support all they offer Clarksville's little blessing." - Brandon S., Clarksville, TN​

"Anna has changed my life. I took her amazing reiki class but she's more than just a reiki teacher. Her personal experiences to enlightenment and desire to help people showered our class and really helped me on my own path; even if inadvertently. She enjoys connecting with people through the mind, body and soul. She's approachable, knowledgeable, kind, passionate and really just comfortable to be with. She cares and keeps in touch for any questions afterwards. The support doesn't end when the class is over. I look forward to attending many more of her classes! " Kristen M., Clarksville, TN 

"Anna was amazing! she is such a good teacher and a great healer. She was so friendly and very empathetic. I was looking for a great cup of coffee and what I got was a great cup of coffee plus some tasty cookies!! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to get a healing or take up Reiki certification." - Reshma H., Hermitage, TN

"I had a spiritual coaching session with Anna. It was a pretty amazing experience. I felt my inner turmoil shift. Anna gave me clarity of who I am and not the emotions genetically carried over into my make up. And I filled that space with the love and compassion for myself. Just like that. That part of myself wrestling with that particular turmoil was gone. I definitely enjoyed the in-depth inner visual of viewing, understanding and having the compassion of the person or people I was having frictions with viewpoints. It gives you more power to love more of who you are and who they are & you feel your heart offer gratitude to heal the relationship. You want a deeper wakeup call? You want a shift? It's time to get clear like eye drops and book a session with Anna." - Skyler M., Clarksville TN

"I was looking for a very relaxing experience. The atmosphere was very welcoming and calm. My stress level was very low for the rest of the day. Looking forward to my next session of healing and learning." -Rose W., Joelton, TN

"After looking for a few years for a Reiki Master willing to teach me the proper energy healing ways....Anna was surely the best fit. I was able to ask her all the questions, without feeling like it was a silly question. She was open and honest, and the class was taken at just the right speed. She gave me helpful hints and ways to make the experience enjoyable for both the client and myself. Overall, the experience was amazing and I absolutely cannot wait to take the Reiki III Master course with her as well." - Anna D., Chapmansboro, TN

​"I recently received a reiki session from Anna and it was amazing. She made me feel very comfortable and stated the process so I knew what to expect. She asked if I was ok with hands be laid on me, otherwise she'd hover. It was refreshing to know that she would do whatever I felt was ok. The ambiance of the room was calming and inviting. The experience from beginning to end made it worth it in general, but the things that i experienced during the session was amazing and I would go again in a heartbeat." - Anna D.,  Chapmansboro, TN

"This was the first time I had ever done a Reiki treatment. I honestly didn't know what to expect. Anna came to my townhouse and set up an empty room so elegantly. It smelt so good! She had candles lit with relaxing music. All I knew was that I was suffering from a lot of anxiety and stress due to a recent job loss. After my session was over I realized that I had cried. I guess I needed that release. Anna was very comforting and understanding, explained to me that Reiki will sometimes do that to you. I have known Anna for 11 years now and I have to say, she was created to do this. A natural at making others feel wonderful." - Lillie P ., Nashville, TN

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