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Anna has been a practitioner and instructor for three years. She has spearheaded training programs and taken prototype training platforms with various corporate infrastructure during her career and launched them to succeed. She is passionate about training and development. She offers mentoring and coaching opportunities for students. 

What you will experience in one of her classes or workshops is an engaged instructor who knows it's important to connect with her students, through mutual respect, compassion and unconditional love. She believes in transparency yet offers a hands-on approach when it comes to practices. She shares her spiritual journey and often finds students can connect with someone who is real. 

Workshops are generally two to three hours long in duration and created for educational purpose through hours of research and self-development. Anna is a Spiritual Life Coach trained in Divinity and Religious diversity, and her mission it to guide others back to their inner gold and embrace their true authentic selves.

Classes are offered individually and in groups.

Reiki is for those who want to learn how to heal themselves and to heal others on an energetic and spiritual level. You need to be absolutely ready to release your burdens and heal. I deeply believe that shadow work is an unspoken prerequisite to living a well- balanced spiritual life and achieving feeling unconditional love for yourself and others.

Note: There are attunements for each level of Reiki that require an understanding that your Mind, Body and Spirit may forever be changed for you will feel more connected to the Divine/God/Spirit.

Class Description:

*Level 1 offers basic knowledge of Usui Tibetan Reiki, the origin, Chakra meanings, Auric Density. and self-hand positions so you can begin healing yourself after your attunement to your Mind, Heart and Hands.

*Level 2 is to a refresh of Level 1 material and additional education pertaining to the various Tibetan healing power symbols which amplify the radiant healing energy through you from Divine. In this level you will receive tools and information in the even you want to begin your own Reiki practice. You'll learn Reiki ethics and guidelines; receive attunements of all Chakras so to receive all of the Usui Tibetan symbols. You connect to Divine Light and Source.

Note: Level 1 & 2 can also be combined and is a two-day class. Typical duration is approximately sixteen hours, depending on number of enrollments.

*Level 3 or Master Level is to refresh on Level 1 & 2 materials and receive the final two symbols, to include the Usui Mastery Symbol. Here is where you'll learn to teach your very own class and perform attunements to others. You'll learn how to set the platform for educating and the importance of continued support to your students and clients.

Your final connection to Divine Light is completed during attunement ceremony and you practice attunements on one another, gaining more appreciation for the ceremony.

Student Photo Gallery

Usui Tibetan Reiki Levels
1/2/3 2020 - 2021

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Usui Tibetan Reiki Levels
1 & 2 March 2021

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Usui Tibetan Reiki Levels
1/2/3 2021


Usui Tibetan Reiki Levels
1 & 2 August 2021

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Usui Tibetan Reiki Levels
1 & 2 June 2021

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Usui Tibetan Reiki Level 1
January 29, 2022

Reiki Level 1 1-29-2022.jpg

Usui Tibetan Reiki Level 1
March 27, 2022

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Usui Tibetan Reiki Level 1
March 27, 2022

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