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Integrative Energy Medicine 

 Elevating Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

to Greater Energetic Balance.


"A tender healing approach that has given me significant relief from stress, anxiety & pain. Very non-intrusive & comfortable. Anna is delightfully intuitive, non-judgmental & professional in every way. You will benefit in ways you hadn’t expected, as I have. "

Richard D.

"I had a wonderful experience taking the Usui Tibetan Reiki Level 1 certification class taught by Anna Rivera of Polaris Wellness. Anna is gifted in many ways. Her intuition and authenticity provided a learning environment and instruction that was just right for me. I appreciate Anna’s careful and thoughtful guidance. She has helped me tremendously on my healing journey."

Jennifer D.

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"Anna is so helpful and intuitive. Very kind and non-judge mental. Reiki sessions have helped me greatly with emotional struggles and life coaching sessions have helped so much on my spiritual journey as well as learning more about myself and how past experiences and ancestors affect my behaviors and habits currently. Learning to release these things that no longer serve my current self has helped me tremendously."

Leah G.

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Shared Stories

Read about one man's journey to healing after the loss of his beloved wife, and how he was able to find the answers to his soul's question surrounding our journey after life. 

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Crystal Salt
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*Trauma Empowerment Coaching *Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping)

*Seven Chakra Attunement *Polaris Energetic Alignment *Quantum Energy Biofield Cleanse *Hot Stone Chakra Soothe

*Transcendental Guided Meditation *Affirmations & Crystal Sound Bowls *End of Life Healing Care 

*Resolution Therapy Workshop*Usui Tibetan Reiki Classes



"The portal of healing and creativity

always takes us into the realm of spirit."

-Angeles Arrien-

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