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"Guiding You to Greater Heights in
Vibrational Therapy and Healing Arts."


Mission Statement:
Provide guidance, compassion
and the necessary healing resources 
for you to return back 
to your true authentic self. 

To offer highly effective energetic healing programs

designed to help you achieve tremendous deep-rooted healing.
To help you to release and transmute past trauma trapped
inside your body in the form of blockages
that with time create serious ailments and disease
to you physical and energetic body

With each treatment, you will begin to 
gradually remove the layers of pain and grief
that have remained in your energetic body
preventing you from living a life full of passion and joy;
soon allowing you to 
reach calmer waters

Aren't you tired of feeling exhausted? 

Let's dive in!



"Anna is so helpful and intuitive. Very kind and non-judge mental. Reiki sessions have helped me greatly with emotional struggles and life coaching sessions have helped so much on my spiritual journey as well as learning more about myself and how past experiences and ancestors affect my behaviors and habits currently. Learning to release these things that no longer serve my current self has helped me tremendously." Leah G., Crofton, KY

"Anna is so open and non judgemental. She willing ask you before and after what your goals are and how you feel afterwards. Extremely calm and inviting energy with willingness to understand and give feedback if needed. I felt realign and relaxed after my session with her, and plan to return for routine maintenance. I felt completely trusting in her with my energy. I am extremely grateful for her work, knowledge and wisdom." Shanice H. Hohenwald, TN

Anna is intuitively guided to heal the parts within you

that you are seldom aware need healing. She is committed to creating a healing

program tailored specifically to your needs, which will assist you to

transmute and release pain, either on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. 

Once you decide to begin your healing journey, 

Anna will work with you to create an energetic program that will gently shift, 

clear and balance your physical and energetic body and chakra system,

promoting faster healing, allowing for a healthier energetic flow that will lift your spirits

and leave you feeling fully refreshed, restored, and realigned.

Anna's compassion and understanding to the challenges of chronic pain 

and illness is not a mystery to her. She has a gift for understanding and 

removing the layers of pain to create an intense release and adjustment

to the energetic body to make you feel as though you can walk on water. 


​Anna specializes in the treatment of 

Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Migraines,

Sports Related Injuries, Pre-op and Post-op Pain,

"Mystery" Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Stress, Depression,

ADHD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,

and Grief due to any loss. 

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Anna enjoys teaching and presenting in engagements
that focus on the importance of healing the energetic body.

She provides introductory and higher levels
of education in the Healing Arts 

She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Training
and a member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners. 

Anna understands how grief are connected to the energetic
body and can create blocks to Prana energy. She uses a light touch
when working and mentoring others. Her passion is to help as many
as she can and be a constant guiding light to all who wander in the dark. 

Anna has a gift with connecting to uncover the deep-rooted pain
within the body and transmutes them. 


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The greatest transformation begins the moment you decide to shed the layers 
blocking your progress, your success, your development, and your growth.
As each layer is removed, you will begin to see the path ahead clearer,  
and just as a butterfly experiences a metamorphosis, so will you. 


Northern Lights

The Magic in Energy Healing and the Healing Arts

Soul Energy.jpg

Life Energy moves and swirls in definite patterns.
This swirling energy emanates from centers called Chakras, and
flows outward and radiates around the body in layers called the Auric Field.
Fractures in ones Auric Field can create issues and Chakra imbalance can
lead to mood disorders and a sense of mayhem.

Energy Work promotes Personal Transformation & Trauma Healing
and s
o many are taking the initiative to change their lives
through the use of this and other alternative healing modalities.
As a stand-alone or integrative practice,
Reiki supports all levels of health

—in Mind, Body and Spirit. 

Charmed Fir Mats.png


The use of a Charmed Fir Infrared Mat may be incorporated in some treatments.

This mat is made of an Amethyst and Tourmaline

crystal radiant heat therapy to my Reiki and/or Guided Meditation treatments. 

This is a safe form of energy healing for my clients' which heats by process of direct light conversion,

producing radiant heat which penetrates deeply to help the body naturally reduce inflammation,

muscle stress, increase metabolism, peripheral blood flow and blood oxygenation.

It is also known to reduce chronic inflammation, anxiety, stress and also helps with weight loss. 

Mini Mats with 100% Amethyst start at $199.

For more details or to purchase click on         

Treatment Room

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Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki®

Energy Healing

45 Min. Energy Healing, 

with a gentle touch with the incorporation of gentle energetic manipulation and breathwork for release, to promote accelerated 

 healing of Mind, Body

and Spirit. 

Distance Healing available. 

Regression Hypnosis


90 Min. Hypnosis Session. This can be either to regress back to heal fragments or to assist you to leave old unhealthy habits behind. Achieve the emotional healing by reaching ultimate clarity. Also known as

Past Life Hypnosis available. 

 Usui Tibetan Reiki 

Reiki Healing

45 Min. Reiki Energy Healing 

Hands on to ease into a deep and relaxed state of Mind, Body and Spirit, gently releasing anxiety, stress and pain for inner balance and peace.

Distance Healing available. 

Guided Meditation 

Buddha Statue

45 Min. Guided Meditation

Allow my voice to energetically connect with your mind and soul, to bring you to a state of deep relaxation and help you attain immense clarity and

peace of mind. 

Crystal Sound Bowl Healing

Sound Bowl Healing.jpg

30 Min. Sound Healing treatments for the Root Chakra, Heart Chakra and Third/Crown Chakras. Raised vibrational sounds assist with creating a frequency of intense healing for an all-around sense of wellbeing and cell regeneration. 

Spiritual Life Coaching 

Crystal Ball_edited.jpg

60 Min. Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions to provide you with the spiritual guidance and support to get you through shifts and life changes. You will resurface transformed into authenticity.   


All Services Are Available Remotely