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Integrative Energy Medicine 


 Illuminating Your Spiritual Path To Achieve

Greater Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit

Anna E. Rivera

Certified Medical Intuitive

Anna is a Certified Medical Intuitive, Certified Associate of Polarity Therapy and a Certified Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki Master. She also holds certifications in a variety of other Alternative Health modalities and specializes in Integrative Energy Medicine. She utilizes these to assist others in achieving a healthier and more balanced physical energetic body.


One of her primary goals is to guide and assist others with harnessing their energetic core, and expand their spiritual journey, bringing to light how certain aspects of their current lives may be connected to deep rooted generational struggles or hidden traumas which have stored inside joints and organic tissue. 


Her wish is to simply serve as a conduit for wellbeing, provide a sacred space for processing, and assist humanity in achieving the wellness and balance needed to reconnect to their Life Force Energy, Vitality and connection to their Spirit.



I was looking for a very relaxing experience. The atmosphere was very welcoming and calm. My stress level was very low for the rest of the day. Looking forward to my next session of healing and learning,"


Rose W.

Be an Inspiration to Others

"The portal of healing and creativity

always takes us into the realm of spirit."

-Angeles Arrien-

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