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Welcome to

Transformative Energetic Health and Wellness  

Mountain Ridge

Your Healing Journey Begins Here!

Mission Statement

Continuously provide compassionate guidance

and coaching for profound healing to begin so others

may transform their grief and pain to happiness and joy, 

ultimately returning to their true authentic self. 

To offer exceptional care and highly effective

alternative health programs to increase Life Force Energy

and reinvigorating health and vitality. 


To teach others the art of doing all of this for themselves

and for the ones who matter most in their lives.  


"A tender healing approach that has given me significant relief from stress, anxiety & pain. Very non-intrusive & comfortable.

Anna is delightfully intuitive, non-judgmental & professional in every way. You will benefit in ways you hadn’t expected, as I have. "

Richard D. - Dickson, TN

"Anna is so helpful and intuitive. Very kind and non-judge mental. Reiki sessions have helped me greatly with emotional struggles and life coaching sessions have helped so much on my spiritual journey as well as learning more about myself and how past experiences and ancestors affect my behaviors and habits currently. Learning to release these things that no longer serve my current self has helped me tremendously."

Leah G. - Crofton, KY

"A beautiful, energetic, smart young lady, Anna Rivera gave me a fantastc reiki treatment/session. While she and I were the only people in the room, I truly felt an amazing healing experience of three times the strength. The session was so enlightening that I emerged feeling, lighter, more spiritual and even more focused."


Kelly S. - Pleasantview, TN 

Meet Your Practitioner

Anna E. Rivera

Registered Holy Fire III® Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher

Certified Usui Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher

Certified Trauma and Recovery Practitioner

Certified Transformational Spiritual Life Coach

Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner

Ordained Minister/Dr. of Divinity, Universal Life Church

Anna has been practicing Alternative Health and Vibrational Therapy

(Reiki and Energy Body Work) since October of 2019.

She spent the majority of her life combating anxiety, depression and stress due to a diagnosis of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which is an Autoimmune condition.

This condition tends to cause anxiety, depression, excessive weight gain

and muscle weakness. She has been managing her symptoms with a combination of Eastern and Western medicinal practices such as diet, meditation and Reiki along

with other Holistic Practices. 

She is dedicated to delivering to her clients transformative healing as she has

experienced herself, and utilizes her firsthand knowledge and experience. She 

collaborates with others in the Holistic field to design the best care possible for

everyone who has struggled just as she has.  

Anna teaches Usui Tibetan Reiki and Holy Fire ® III Karuna Reiki® and is

an Approved Provider of CEU's for Usui Tibetan Reiki through

the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners and the International Center for Reiki Training. Anna is currently a student of the Polarity Therapy through the Polarity Therapy Institute

and will soon be offering these treatments as part of her primary care plan. 

Massage room

About Reiki & Services Offered

Reiki is an Easter Medicine practice and has existed since

1921 developed by Mikao Usui.

Its origin if Japan and has been utilized for pain management in

hospitals and clinics all over the world. 

It can be used as a stand-alone or complimentary

with any Western Medicine practice. 

It is referenced as Universal Life Force Energy that exists 
within all of us, including animals and plants. 
This life force energy moves and swirls in definite patterns, and
emanates from centers called Chakras. It flows outward
and radiates around the body in layers called the Auric Field.

Fractures of the Auric Field may create imbalances leading to

chronic pain, anxiety, depression (to name a few conditions).

Reiki assist to repair those fractures, removes blocks,

and stagnant energy within the Chakras.

It realigns Chakras to help accelerate ones own natural

abilities of healing, creating a sense of joy or calmness,
which increases with with each treatment.


There are various types of Reiki practiced daily and is used in

the Medical industry every day.

Treatments are administered through gentle touch in a tranquil

and relaxing space. Duration ranges from forty five minutes to one hour. 



Consultations are FREE!


Reflexology Therapy

Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki Therapy

45 minutes of powerful Energy Healing. Holy Fire® is an Angelic and Sanskrit based energetic healing practice that incorporates gentle touch and deep breathwork to help you release, accelerating healing of Mind, Body and Spirit. 

Complimentary Medi PEMF Mat

Distance Treatments Available 

Bundled Care Plans Available


Reiki Chakra Balancing Therapy 

45 minutes of Usui Tibetan Reiki Chakra Balancing utilizing energetically charged Crystals.

Clear away the stagnant energies affecting your Chakra points. Assist with calming and elevating moods as needed. Raise your bodies frequencies through gentle healing touch. 

Complimentary Medi PEMF Mat

Distance Treatments Available

Bundled Care Plans Available

Trauma and Recovery 

Empowerment Coaching

One hour session. We will work together to access deep emotions to help you release the traumas that have cyclically affected your life; whether due to loss, divorce, death, family dynamics and relationship difficulties. Learn empowerment tools and proper boundaries development to achieve cohesiveness.

Equality/LGBTQIA Specialty

Remote Sessions Available 

Bundled Care Plans Available


Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy

30 mins relaxing in a sacred space and absorbing amazing vibrational frequencies created by Crystal Sound Bowls that will help to promote deep healing and a sense of elevating above

it all. Promotes accelerate healing of Mind, Body and Spirit with these beautiful bowls.

Complimentary Medi PEMF Mat

Bundled Care Plans Available

Sound Bowl Healing.jpg
Book on Table

Certification Classes

Usui Tibetan Reiki Level I (6 CEU's Available) No Prerequisite

Usui Tibetan Reiki Level II (6 CEU's Available) Level I Prerequisite

Usui Tibetan Reiki Level I & II (12 CEU's Available) No Prerequisite

Usui Tibetan Reiki Level III Master/Teacher (7 CEU's Available) Level II Prerequisite


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